Automotive Services

Yash has been offering professional auto repair services for both foreign and domestic vehicles for the past 20+ years and will extend his effective working knowledge and expertise to you as a professional mechanic.

4WD Systems / Repairs:

Repair, service and maintenance on 4WD vehicles

Axle / CV Joint Repair:

Complete repairs for Axle / CV Joint Repair (FWD, AWD & Some Import RWD)

Battery Replacement / Install:

Inspection, replace existing battery or install new battery.

Belts / Hoses:

Belt inspection and replacement, Hose inspection and replacement.

Brake Systems:

New brake installation, inspections, repairs or maintenance.

Complete / General Auto Care:

Complete auto care repairs and services

Electronic Analysis and Repair:

Analysis and repair of all electronic systems in your vehicle.

Engine Service / Repair:

Service for the Repair and Maintenance of your vehicle's engine.

Exhaust / Muffler Systems:

Service, inspection and repair of exhaust systems.

Fluids / Filters:

Top off fluids, Filter Replacement

Fuel Injection / Fuel System:

Complete clean and inspection of fuel injection system.

Heating / AC system repairs:

Heating or AC repairs, preventative maintenance, and services.

Lighting / Electrical:

Lighting repairs, inspection and replacement. Electrical diagnostic tests and repairs.

Manual / Automatic Transmission Repairs:

Maintenance, service or repair on automatic and manual transmissions.

Multi-point / Pre-purchase Inspections:

Multi-point inspections and pre-purchase inspections.

Oil Change / Lube:

Convenient service for Oil and Lube of your engine including preventative maintenance.

Radiator Replacement / Repair:

Inspection, repair or replacement of radiators.

Smog / Safety Inspections:

Smog and Safety inspections in compliance with state guidelines.

Starting / Charging:

Starting & Charging inspections, diagnostic and repairs.

Steering / Alignment:

New suspension installation, or repairs and maintenance.

Struts / Shocks:

Struts and Shocks inspections, replacement and repairs.

Tire Rotation / Repairs:

Tire rotation, inspection, and repairs.

Tire Sales / Replacement:

Tire sales, repairs, fixes, and inspection.

Tune Ups / Preventative Maintenance:

As a dealer alternative we can perform certified factory recommended maintenance services.

ASE-Certified Mechanic.